Hand Held, heart warming and so very now!

A generous parade of different tastes, mini meals and bountiful bowls that just keep coming until your guests have had their fill! With our superb variety and delicious flavours, there's never a need for a Macca's stop on the way home.

Hot selections

*Gourmet pork and apple sausage rolls, served with a homemade tomato relish

*Tandoori chicken skewers, with a mint and yogurt dipping sauce GF

*Chicken satay skewers served with a peanut dipping sauce GF

*Italian style meatballs with napoli sauce and fresh parmesan GF 

*Pork dumpling, served with a soy dipping sauce fresh shallots in Chinese steamer baskets

*Salt & pepper calamari served with a lime aioli

*Lamb kofta skewers with char grilled capsicum and a mint and yogurt dipping sauce GFA

*Vegetable spring rolls served with a lime and chili dipping sauce VA

*San choy bau served in crispy wonton basket with fresh & crispy shallots VA

*Cheesy arancini balls served with a basil aioli V GF

*Thai money bags crispy pork wonton parcels served with a sweet chili dipping sauce VA

*Assorted gourmet quiches served with creme fraiche and fresh chives VA

*Sticky bourbon beef meatballs GF




Cold Selections

*Beetroot and goats cheese tart served with fresh thyme and roasted walnuts V GFA

*Avocado and salsa crispy cups with fresh shallots V

*Smashed pea, mint and feta crostini, all these fresh ingredients on a crusty baguette V

*Bocconcini,basil & cherry tomato skewers, served with a balsamic glaze V GF

*Bruschetta with a tomato, homus and basil topping served on crunchy baguette V

*Ricotta, basil and honey bruschetta with lemon zest and crushed pink peppercorns V

*Ricotta and spinach tarts with roasted cherry truss tomatoes V

*Rare beef crostini served with a horseradish cream and fresh rocket VA

*Caramelised onion and creamy brie on crunchy baguette with sprigs of fresh thyme V

Deluxe Canapes

*Seared scallops with saffron aioli, apple batons, crispy pork crackle GF

*Smoked salmon wonton baskets served with fresh salmon,dill, cream cheese

*Shredded duck spring rolls served with a star anise spiced orange dipping sauce 

*Vietnamese pork belly skewers served with a sticky soy sauce and fresh cucumber ribbons. GF

*Smoked salmon crostini served with creme fraiche and a fresh pear pickle. 

*Crispy pork belly served with an orange & star anise sauce, crispy crackling served on Chinese spoons GF

*Seared salmon, fresh pan seared salmon, pickled cucumber salad, Japanese mayonnaise served on crispy wonton.

*Scallops served with a pear puree topped with crispy chorizo and fresh thyme GF

*Rare beef fillet, caramelised onion, bearnaise and fresh tarragon served on crispy baguette

*Crunchy tartlets with prosciutto, sticky balsamic onions and gorgonzola and fresh basil V

*Pork & Thai basil Spring rolls VA

*Avocado & hot smoked salmon tarts

Substantial Canapes

*Beef sliders mini beef burgers with fresh lettuce, cheese, our own house made secret sauce served on brioche buns GFA

*Fish & Chips served with fresh lemon wedge

*Butter chicken a mildly spiced Indian curry served with basmati rice and poppadum GF

*Spicy slow cooked beef, served with sour cream and crunchy corn chips GFA

*Thai fried rice with pork, chili and Thai basil VA GF

*Vietnamese noodle salad, fresh rice noodles mixed with fresh herbs fried shallots and vegetables with sweet and sour dressing V

*Pork sliders, slow cooked bourbon glazed pulled pork with crunchy Asian style slaw 

*Lamb kofta, served with fresh herbs, Lebanese bread and tzatziki sauce

*Beef pho, Vietnamese style soup served with fresh mint & Bean Sprouts VA, GF

Sweet Canapes

*Chocolate brownie bites GFA

*Mini hot chocolate shots, served with marshmallows GF

*Sweet mini lemon and lime tarts

*Maple mini pancake stacks

*Strawberry and marshmallow with a milk chocolate fondue GF

*Donut bites with salted caramel sauce

*Chocolate mousse, served in mini shot glasses

*Mini sticky date pudding, served with butterscotch sauce

*fruit skewers, fresh seasonal fruits served with a honey and yogurt sauce GF

*Salted caramel bites 

V= Vegetarian

VA= Vegetarian avaliable

GF= Gluten Free

GFA= Gluten free avaliable

8 canapes and 2 substantial canapes $35 per guest.

6 canapes, 2 deluxe canapes and 2 substantial $42 per guest.

Extra canapes $3.00 per guest, extra deluxe canape $4.00 per guest, extra substantial canapes $6.50 per guest

Canape style menus include, working with you to ensure your day is perfect.

Cutting of cake (complementary at weddings)

All chefs and professional waitstaff.

Paper napkins

Prices exclusive of G.S.T


*Additional equipment charges may apply depending on chosen, venues facilities.