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* Balsamic grilled mushrooms VE GF

* Fresh zucchini rolls with cashew nuts, mint and avocado with a balsamic reduction VE GF

* Rice paper rolls with fresh vegetables, smoked tofu and a tahini and mandarin dipping sauce VE GF

* Sweet potato and avocado bites VE GF

* Sliced mango, green beans, raw cashews, grated ginger and lime juice served on Chinese spoons VE GF

* Falafel bites with a sumac and lemon hummus VE GF

* Crispy coconut and cauliflower bites served with a avocado dipping sauce VE GF

* Pea and mint, feta crostini V, VEA

* Sweet corn fritters with a basil sauce V, VEA GFA

* Crostini with a smokey bean dip, basil and crushed pistachios and a pomegranate molasses VE 

* Vegetable spring rolls served with a lemon and mint dipping sauce VE GF

* Zucchini noodles with fresh tomato, olives, cracked black pepper, lemon juice and olive oil served on Chinese spoons VE GF

* Fresh vegetables sticks with hummus and tahini dipping sauce served in individual shot glasses VE GF

* Spinach, chickpea and sweet potato sausage rolls V

* Zucchini fritters V GFA

* Cheese puffs served with caramalised onions V GF


* Vietnamese noodle salad served with fried tofu, fresh herbs, fresh vegetables, toasted sesame seeds, fried shallots and a Asian style dressing VE GF 

* Mediterranean chickpea stuffed sweet potatoes with a hummus sauce VE GF

* Spiced quinoa and eggplant rolls with a roasted capsicum sauce, rocket salad and lemon zest VE GF

* Zucchini & chickpea fritters on a rocket and pear salad with a lemon vinaigrette  VE GF

* Grilled mushrooms stuffed with a spinach and rocket pesto, sweet potato puree, balsamic and a rocket & herb salad VE GF

Choose 5 canapes and 2 mains served alternate serve $68 pp

Price exclusive of GST

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